Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Thin Line Called Love

Beri dulu tanpa mengharapkan balasan serta merta, suatu hari nanti pasti Tuhan akan membalas segala kebaikan itu. - David Teo

Last night I dreamt of you, in what seemed like a back-to-back tv episodes.

It was right after istikharah, and as far as I could remember, this is the second. The first one was when I have to choose between Petronas sponsorship to Australian Uni and Universiti Malaya in 1998. This time it's not about options, it's about the doubt I had. So now you know how significant you are to me.

So I see the dream as a clear indication that I should proceed. And after all, this is what I truly want. Even a very small degree of hope will suffice for now. And you said it's worth it for me to wait for you.

What I'm doing now is enjoying the time with you while you're still with me.

You know you love me!


BBBB said...

Sonok eh raye ngan ferrari biru dia... hehe... anyway bukan anak sedare anda je yg ske envelope raye tu... encik "you know you love me" pun ske sebab dia takde pape :)

girlfriday said...

hihi ferrari! sabarrrr je! ferrari tu ai lom puas bawak, gi kedai dekat tapi pusing ikut jauh... keke! envelope raya upin ipin kosong pun suke ek? huhu.