Monday, July 20, 2009

The Miracle Song

11 hours to go before the interview, and I'm sure as hell I won't be getting any good night sleep tonight!

This is the first interview I finally managed to secure, so I really don't wanna blow it!

The agent who talked to me and dah jadi kamceng over the phone said: Best man wins / Your chances are now 50-50 / Only you have passed the online test out of 10, or 5 people who took that test that day / The company has approved your expected salary.

Okay I already had high hopes now!

I wished that I'll project more, if not the same energy and confidence tomorrow just like the confidence I was projecting during the interview for my current company last year!

So tomorrow I'll have:
- ABAP exam
- Interview with the Technical Lead (ABAP team lead is a Malay guy! <-- This can be either advantage or disaster! T_T) - Interview with the Management I was told that one of the UK bosses will be coming down to Malaysia to conduct the interview tomorrow trr trr. Really, really want this job. Ya Allah, bukalah pintu rezekiku seluas-luasnya. I really need to get out of my current company, tak larat ngan heavy workloads and high turnover rate :( And I really really in need of a car, not just any car, but this particular car that I can't afford with my current salary :D. Huuu sedeynya masih berskuter ke sana-sini.  

You know you love me!

XOXO, girlfriday


easternC said...

Good luck ~!!!! nnt update balek ~ ;)

girlfriday said...

Haha trima kassey trima kassey! Kalo good news konpem update, kalo tak, wallahualam bissawabbbb! :D

Anonymous said...

tbalik plak,aku skang makin suke bskuter ke sn area kl ni je la,sbb nk elak stuck dlm jammed kan...xpe2,moge2 ade rejeki ko di sn..nati da de keta jgn lupe bwk ai jenjln ye :P


girlfriday said...

Shekin, gi keje mmg senang nak mencilok. Tapi tak selesa sangat kalo kena gi client jauh2... Lagipun nak balik kampung pun dah boring naik bass je ngeee.

yu nu it :) said...

gimme time & i'll buy u the car :)

girlfriday said...

wowwwwwwwwwww! *mata bersinar-sinar*